Tesco – Car Park Resurfacing

The Brief

We were tasked with resurfacing a large commercial car park at Tesco. All work was to be completed overnight.

The Challenge

The obvious challenge for our staff was completing the work during the night, as we would need to set up sufficient lighting in order to carry out the project. We also needed to ensure that traffic management was in place to prevent the public from accessing the site. It was important that work was completed quickly so that the supermarket could continue operating from 7am onwards.

tesco car park resurfacing b harris surfacing the solution
tesco car park resurfacing b harris surfacing the challenge

The Solution

Our team began work at 7pm each night, working with speed and efficiency to meet the client’s schedule. We ripped up 2000m2 of tarmac each night, relaying it with the use of professional machinery and relining it ready for the next morning. Our skilled staff overcame machinery issues to complete the job within the time constraints, much to the client’s satisfaction.